Don’t let yourself be fooled – Fad Diets

Jun 17th, 2015

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Don’t let yourself be fooled – Fad Diets

Don’t let yourselves be fooled, or fool yourselves with fad diets and promises of huge weight loss amounts in a short amount of time.
Lots of these popular “fad diets” and programs being blasted all over the Internet and social media, advertise 20+ lbs of weight loss in less than a month, but in reality not all that is body fat. There’s a HUGE difference between FAT loss and WEIGHT loss.
Limiting salt and starches may cause you to drop a higher amount of weight at first, but that’s MOSTLY FLUIDS, NOT FAT.
Cutting too many calories will cause fat loss, but you will also be LOSING MUSCLE (much harder to gain later), and therefore slowing down your metabolism in the long run.
Most of the time these programs will also include a detox, diuretics, fasting… Which will add a few more pounds to the overall initial weight loss.
You see where this is going? Huge initial weight loss, but how much of that are you really keeping off? And how much of it will you put back after you finish the “program” or “challenge”… whatever it’s called…?


I’m a strong advocate for LIFESTYLE READJUSTMENT (balanced eating habits and exercise)! Slow and steady always wins the race in this case. I much rather a client lose fewer pounds every month, while being happy and eating things that will keep them on track for the long run, with constant HEALTHY results and less risk of falling out.
Lifestyle readjustment takes time, and plenty modifications to find out what really works for YOUR schedule, YOUR taste, and YOUR life!
Successful adjustments are the ones that can be carried on through the long run, and possibly a lifetime; not shakes and pills… can you do that for the rest of you life? What happens afterwards? most of the time falling back to old habits that lead you to the unwanted results in the first place.
I see too many people falling for all these gimmicks, and investing money in the wrong place! Hire a professional who spent time studying the body, not someone making commission on supplement products.


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