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A professional in the health industry is simply a guide, good guidance will point you in the right direction, promoting much faster and attainable results. But lets not forget who is taking this path, YOU! A trainer, coach, or any professional only spends a fraction of your time together; to give you an idea, an hour workout only takes 4% of your day, it’s what you do with the remaining time that makes a difference.
The 4 most important elements for goal accomplishment:


Once you decide to take the quest of reaching your goals, we will set attainable targets and personalized way to get there.


Committing to your goals takes dedication and sustenance, by setting up a strong support system there will be fewer relapses and more self reliance.


Often discipline is associated with negativity; in this case, it’s just the balance necessary to stay within the boundaries of accomplishment.


It takes time and effort to build a foundation for lifelong habits and benefits, but the combination of all the small steps, guidance and support will lead to success!

“My objective is not only to guide you, but also coach and support you in ways to stay on track. My philosophy of training goes beyond the gym, by applying the hard work principles from a training session to the every day healthy lifestyle choices. It’s not easy to readjust certain aspects of our lifestyles, but I’m here to back you up! in and out of the gym.” – Luis Machado

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Some of what you will find on the blog…


Inspiration plays a huge role to stay motivated and on track. It’s empowering to see how others have conquered and strived success. This section will include motivational videos, quotes, stories and testimonials.


Articles written by me, or reliable sources covering everything from tips to in depth aspects of health, nutrition and training. Including fitness programs, exercise tutorials, nutritional guidelines, and more…


I’m constantly acquiring fitness products for work or personal use, I’ll be reviewing such products to benefit you into making smart purchases. Therefore I would like to note that I’m not sponsored or make any profit for reviews.


I believe you have to live what you preach, as a fitness professional my life revolves around health and fitness. Here I will share past, present and future personal endeavors.